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OAKMONT, PA  15139
364 cigarband
BREAKFAST:  8:00AM - 3:30PM
LUNCH:  11:00AM - 3:30PM
DINNER:  4:00PM - 10:00PM
Drink List
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bus as usual

UPDATES! We are back in biz for outdoor dining! 💃🏼🕺🏼We have lots of space outside, and we are accepting reservations and walk-ins. We will strictly adhere to the 3 drink maximum per guest set by the county’s order, but we encourage everyone to partake to the fullest! 🍻 Masks and social distancing are still required for service😷, and we do not permit the use of any tobacco products anywhere on our premise🚭

While a large portion of our outdoor seating is covered, some is open to the elements. In the event of rain, we will package up your food and drinks and cash out your check in order to get everyone to their cars as quickly as possible. As always, we still have a full list of takeout food and drinks available for purchase as well.

We thank you for your continued support and patience with us as we navigate another new phase.